Why DocTalker?

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An Alternate Approach

DocTalker Family Medicine cuts out insrance completely, not only freeing us from insurance red tape but also from the expensive insurance middle man. 


Charging for only the time an supplies used by the patient, DocTalker allows for the industries most simplified and trabsparent billing, as well as some of the lowest costs in the industry 

The house call has returned!

If you deal with a conventional medical practice, you must get out of your house and drive to your doctor's office in order to be seen. Having a doctor come over to the house is out of the question for most of us. 

Doctalker Family Medicine is a primary care practice incorporating 21st century technolog and an unfettered delivery model. In addition to offering phone, video, text, patient portal, and office consultations, DocTalker also delivers high quality ealth care at home! 

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

* Please note: 24/7 Telemedicine for established patients

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