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Why DocTalker?

 *Please note prices undergo changes periodically. Consult our pricing page or contact us for our current rates.*

When you are feeling sick, wouldn't you prefer calling your doctor directly, without going through the hassle of talking to staff or waiting with long delays? At DocTalker we want you to talk to your doctor right away. In this practice, the doctor either answers the phone immediately or calls you right back. 

DocTalker is a full-service traditional family practice with several revolutionary twists, including: 

1. A doctor who answers the phone when you call. 

2. E-mail support and electronic communications with your doctor. 

3. Same-day office or virtual visits as needed. 

4. House calls when requested or needed. 

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Our revolutionary twists and innovations have led to multiple awards

Save $$!

Pay only for the time the doctor spends assisting you. DocTalker also passes on their special rates to patients on lab work and other tests. 

 Combines the best medical traditions with today's technology to give patients control of their health care.

Save TIME!

Call us for same day appointments or instant access to a medical professional. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Call Us!

Once you are a patient with DocTalker, 60% of all of your health issues can be managed with a quick phone call to our medical professionals. Our phones are available 24/7/365. Call or email us and we'll help you with your health issue right away. 

DocTalker Family Medicine strives to provide our patients with a complete health care experience.  

The focal point of our practice is the relationship we have with our patients. Our rates are affordable and transparent and are based on the amount of time you spend with the practitioner

An Alternate Approach

DocTalker Family Medicine cuts out insurance completely, not only freeing us from insurance red tape but also from the expensive insurance middle man. 


Charging for only the time and supplies used by the patient, DocTalker allows for the industries most simplified and transparent billing, as well as some of the lowest costs in the industry 

The house call has returned!

If you deal with a conventional medical practice, you must get out of your house and drive to your doctor's office in order to be seen. Having a doctor come over to the house is out of the question for most of us. 

DocTalker Family Medicine is a primary care practice incorporating 21st century technology and an unfettered delivery model. In addition to offering phone, video, text, patient portal, and office consultations, DocTalker also delivers high quality health care at home! 

December 9, 2020.

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What is the future of telemedicine?' By Dr. Alan Dappen. DocTalker Family Medicine was started nearly 2 decades ago, one of if not the first telemedicine based practice in the country. We've been riding this 'wave of the future' for many years now, so what does Dr. Dappen think the future holds? Check out the blog to find out, and while you're there be sure to check out more from the blog, podcasts, and more!

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DocTalker Video Reel

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