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"Your quick response to our call as we picked up our sick son from Dulles airport helped us avoid the emergency room. The medicine you called in helped immediately. The office visit early the next morning eased our minds. Your professional, personalized 'always there' service makes medicine a lot easier to swallow."

- Jeff & Karin Arnette

"DocTalker saved my hearing! If I had not called that night, if you had not met me at the office right away (10 pm), if you had not started me on the correct medications ... the specialist told me later that I was one of the few people she'd ever seen who didn't lose their hearing permanently from my medical problem. If it weren't for DocTalker's fast response and direct access, my world might have been forever changed."

- Mike Master

"We called Dr. Dappen at DocTalker [for a house call], and he came by the same day! He has a very innovative approach to medical practice (old-fashioned personal care, no direct dealings with insurance), and a wonderful bedside manner. It is such a relief to have found the right doctor for mother!"

- Mary Darn

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