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House Calls 

The Safety of a House Call Visit...

Our medical team will make house calls as

necessary, keeping you home and \

out of the hospital.


Quality Care Like No Other:

Let DocTalker come to you! We take time to personalize the care you need, by accurately recognizing your medical needs and effectively bringing you the medical resources you need. House Calls Fee + Time-Based $ + Distance Fee. Whatever the weather!

Helping our patients "Age in Place"

Blending modern technology with trusted medical traditions. 

Our goal is to enable our patients to age in place with the peace of mind that our team is experienced in providing detailed medical care for patients in the home care setting. Our doctors and medical leam will personalize the care you need by accurately recognizing your medical needs and effectively bringing medical resources to you. These services may include supervising and coordinating skilled home care agencies in-home lab services, radiology services, wound care and prescribing Durable Medical Equipment(DME). The majority of these secondary services are covered by insurance. We help you navigate this process and work to make sure that the services and supplies you need are brought to you whenever possible. 

Possible Treatments Offered During a House Call

Treatments that are often offered and provided during a medical house call can include the following:

  • Comprehensive medical exam

  • Lab tests, including blood draws and urinalysis

  • Management of chronic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes

  • Wound care

  • Memory and dementia care

  • Evaluation and recommendations regarding medications, nutrition, and exercise

  • Routine vaccinations, including the flu shot

  • Weight management

  • Receiving a second opinion regarding a diagnosis or a medical recommendation


Why House Calls? 

We've all had that occasional "bug" where we can't think straight, where we teeter-totter when we walk, and we don't quite feel all there. So why is it that when we feel like this and we need to see a doctor ,we to drive to our "preferred provider"? What are we supposed to do if we jam our toes, sprain our ankle, or throw out out back and no one's around to take us to the doctor? Why can't the doctor come to us? 

Preventing costly hospital admissions is our goal.
Our integrated approach includes requesting and
reviewing records to obtain a complete medical picture
of the patient.


Why drive when you're ill? 

For established patients in our practice, we offer the
convenience of telemedicine services which allows us to
triage and manage many problems by phone, fax or by
our secure Patient Portal.

*Opting out of Medicare enables us to spend more time
with our patients.*

Avoid spending time in crowded waiting rooms where
you could be exposed to contagious illnesses. We will
come to you in your home or assisted living facility when
and where you need us.

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