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DocTalker Wins Family Physicians Who Are Changing Our World Award

The Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc (FMEC) has announced that DocTalker Family Medicine has been awarded the 2014 FMEC "Family Physicians Who Are Changing Our World" award.

The award is given annually to a Family Physician who has shown leadership, strength and outstanding service to his community and the field of Family Medicine.

The award was given during the 2014 FMEC Northeast Regional Meeting on October 25, 2014.

The Family Medical Education Consortium, Inc. is an organization that works to improve the health of the community by strengthening Family Medicine/Primary Care services and medical education programs.

This is the second award for DocTalker Family Medicine in 2014 and the third award since 2013. In April, 2014, DocTalker was awarded the Global Health Award in Richmond, VA for their innovative and effective approach to practicing medicine that could be duplicated on an international level. In 2013, DocTalker was named Fairfax Top Doctor by the Sun Gazette.

DocTalker is honored to have been chosen as the winner of these awards. Truly, the awards belong to our patients and community who supported and helped us to learn and grow a new delivery model that is now being called "direct primary care."

We are also grateful that the larger primary care community is embracing the idea that talking with a doctor anytime and anywhere is something everyone deserves.

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