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At DocTalker, we put our patients first. Our medical team is answering your calls and emails directly, 24/7. This direct access to primary care, helps our patients stay healthier and have their medical issues resolved quickly. 

Transparent Pricing

No Membership Fees!

At DocTalker our pricing is affordable and transparent. There are no membership or yearly fees, just direct pay.

Only Pay For The Time You Use!

Our office and house call rates are time-based, so that you only pay for the time you need.

COVID-19 and Antibody testing available on site. Advanced booking required, please call the office ahead of time.

Covid-19 Rapid Testing

@ DocTalker Family Medicine

DocTalker RAPID Covid Testing Available: results in 15 minutes. (We use the BD Veritor plus system test, more information here.)

The rapid test is approved for people who have COVID-19 symptoms within the first 5 days and is NOT the preferred method of testing for screening asymptomatic people such as needing confirmation prior to flying.

We also do the molecular tests (also called PCR tests, viral RNA tests, nucleic acid tests) which are sent to the lab  and usually take <72 hours to return the result. This is the most accurate test and also the one required prior to flying or having a medical procedure.

 If you think you need / want testing we can help you decide which test is right for you.


DocTalker is open and welcomes new patients into our practice. 


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Curbside Flu Shots

December 9, 2020.

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What is the future of telemedicine?' By Dr. Alan Dappen. DocTalker Family Medicine was started nearly 2 decades ago, one of if not the first telemedicine based practice in the country. We've been riding this 'wave of the future' for many years now, so what does Dr. Dappen think the future holds? Check out the blog to find out, and while you're there be sure to check out more from the blog, podcasts, and more!

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

* Please note: 24/7 Telemedicine for established patients

Office Hours:

Tues, Thurs, and Fri:  

9 AM-6 PM

Sat, Sun, Mon, and Wed:

By Appointment